Below are a list of FAQs that we get on a regular basis. If you have questions that are not answered below feel free to contact All Paws at (615) 319-0433 in the Nashville area.

How much is this going to cost?

Pricing is based on difficulty of inspection and trap set-up. When you call us we will ask questions about your particular animal problem. Based on that information we will give you a quote to solve your animal problem. Please call (615) 319-0433 in the Nashville area for a detailed quote!

I have a lot of squirrels in my yard. How do I know you’re not going to just catch random squirrels?

This is a question we are asked often. The fact is squirrels are territorial and unless your roof happens to be a major travel route, the only squirrels we catch are the ones causing your problem. A squirrel’s den site (entry-point into your attic) is like a bedroom door. The dominant squirrel will not allow other squirrels to linger there. That is why we position our traps to just catch the culprits. We have special multi-catch cage-traps that are attached over the entry-point that the animal is using to enter your home. This type of trap catches the squirrel as it exits the attic. If the squirrel happens to be outside the attic when we set this trap, we have additional traps mounted securely on the roof within inches of the “den site” opening to capture the squirrel as it returns.

How do I know how many animals you’re going to catch?

It is impossible to say for sure, but during mating season (Dec-Feb) and (July-Aug) we typically catch 1-3 squirrels per job. Females may have up to 6 young in the Spring litter and up to 5 in the Fall. If we are able to remove the young by hand we offer discounts. (discount depends on amount of time spent capturing the squirrels).

How is All Paws Wildlife Removal different from other companies?

35 years experience will teach you a lot about animal behavior. We know what steps to take to solve your animal problem as quickly as possible. Also, we won’t offer you a “free in-home estimate” and then try to sell you needless services. When we arrive at your home to start the animal removal process we will assess what repairs are necessary. We will give you a written estimate for guaranteed repairs and animal feces clean-up if needed. If you would rather do the repair yourself we will offer tips on what materials to use for a successful conclusion.

Are you insured?

All Paws Wildlife Removal LLC does quite a bit of State, Municipal and Commercial work. We carry two million dollars in liability insurance (much more than the state requirement) and commercial vehicle insurance. In addition, all of our technicians are covered under workers comp insurance.

Do you offer Senior Citizen or Military discounts?

We are proud to offer our clients who are in the Military or who are Senior Citizens a 5% discount on the total bill. Just let us know beforehand and we will make the adjustment.

What happens to the animals you capture?

According to Tennessee State game laws captured animals can not be released on private land (without permission), Public land (i.e. Warner Park or other State and local Parks), Church grounds, etc. We have purchased land in rural areas specifically for animal relocation. Squirrels must be taken further than 7 miles away to be released, or else they may return. Radio-collar tracking has shown raccoons are able to return from 28 miles away! Some animals by law must be euthanized.

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