Pricing for Animal and Wildlife Removal Nashville

After working in the animal removal field for over 35 years we have developed a fee schedule that we can quote with confidence on the phone.

Wildlife Removal Nashville

We will ask questions to determine which species is causing your problem and then offer you a quote over the phone. This quote will be based on factors such as the height of house, pitch of roof, size of crawlspace and other variables that will determine the difficulty of removing the animal.

Call Us For an Immediate Quote on Animal Removal Services in Nashville and Surrounding Counties

The only prices that can not be quoted over the phone are the costs of repairing the animal entry hole, as it depends on the amount of damage the animal has done. Also the cost of feces/droppings clean-up and insulation replacement vary from job to job depending on how long the animal was present.

  • We will show up on time to do a thorough inspection of the problem area.
  • We will locate animal entry/exit points and set traps accordingly.
  • We set traps in such a manner as to only catch the target animal, saving you money and speeding up the removal process.
  • We will give you an explanation and estimate for any repairs that may be necessary.
  • We will typically monitor the traps on a regular basis for 7 to 14 days.

Residential Mole Removal

Moles damage your lawn by tunneling just below the surface of the ground, tearing the roots of your grass, and creating brown, dead areas in your yard. They also create mole hills or “boils” where they have excavated cavities below the surface of the ground and pushed the excess dirt above the ground in a pile. These areas are then “scalped” by your lawnmower as it passes over them creating even more damage to your lawn.

Residential mole trapping for most yards includes setting 5 to 35 of the latest style, and most effective mole traps. The number of traps used depends on the size of your yard and the amount of mole activity. We use underground traps as well as above ground traps to solve your problem as quickly as possible. Our initial mole trapping program runs 4 weeks and includes weekly visits to remove captured moles and reposition the traps. We will be happy to show you the captured moles if you would like. Let us help you take back your yard today!

Please call now for a free quote, (615) 319-0433 in the Nashville area.

Residential Mouse and Rat Removal

When it comes to mouse and rat removal it all comes down to using the most effective equipment and baits, and proper trap placement. We do not use poisons, so you will never have to worry about unpleasant odors in your home. Our experienced technicians will do a thorough inspection and offer a comprehensive plan that incorporates setting up to 30 traps per job and identifying animal entry-points. We will also provide you with an estimate for guaranteed repairs to prevent reinfestation.

Dead animal removal (opossum, skunk, etc.)

Dead animal removal from a crawlspace or attic involves locating and removing the dead animal or animals, removing soiled materials and insects from around the dead animal, sanitizing and de-odorizing the area where the animal died and locating the entry-point where the animal got in to your attic or crawlspace. We will also offer an estimate to repair the entry-point so this problem never occurs again. Please call now for a free quote over the phone and same-day service!

For beaver, otter, coyote, fox and bobcat removal prices please call (615) 319-0433 for a detailed quote.

Snake Removal

We offer capture and removal of venomous and non-venomous snakes from homes and businesses. After removing the snake or snakes we also thoroughly inspect the property to determine how the snake entered the structure, and offer you a quote for repairs so this will never happen again! We will also give you tips to make your home or property less attractive to snakes. Snake removal pricing depends on the amount of time spent on property, size of structure and difficulty of inspection. Please call now for immediate service and a free quote over the phone!

General Pricing Notes & Exceptions for Animal Removal Services

  • Animal dropping/feces clean-up from attic or crawl spaces is $99.00 and up. We can also replace your soiled insulation and vapor barrier. Please call for pricing.
  • Prices listed are for Nashville Metro areas. Outlying counties may be higher.

Wildlife Removal In Greater Nashville