Opossum Removal in Greater Nashville

All Paws Wildlife specializes in opossum trapping and opossum removal in Greater Nashville. If you are having issues with opossums give All Paws Wildlife Removal a call at 615-319-0433 for safe and effective opossum removal services.

Opossum Removal Nashville

We specialize in all types of wildlife removal and our service area includes Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Murfreesboro, Spring Hill, Smyrna, LaVergne, and all of Middle Tennessee.

About Our Opossum Removal Services

Opossums (possums) are extremely common in Middle Tennessee. They are nocturnal animals often seen alongside roadways or in backyards. Increasingly, we are finding opossums living in attics, and also in the crawlspace under your home.

Opossums are best known for playing dead (playing possum) and for a toothy grin. They are less known for being a rabies vector, a carrier of thousands of fleas, and for the ability to emit a foul substance when threatened. If you suspect you may have an opossum living under your home please call us today.

Licensed and Insured Opossum Removal Technicians

When you call All Paws Wildlife Removal our licensed and insured technicians will do a thorough inspection. He will identify entry-points, set the appropriate number of traps, and utilize the latest techniques to solve your opossum problem as quickly as possible.

Schedule Opossum Removal Services in Nashville

Call All Paws at (615) 319-0433 for a price quote and immediate service. We can also offer you a quote to repair the opossum entry-point.

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