Bat Removal in Greater Nashville

All Paws Wildlife specializes in bat removal and bat trapping services in Nashville and middle Tennessee. If you are having issues with batsĀ give All Paws Wildlife Removal a call at 615-319-0433 for safe and effective batĀ removal services.

Bat Removal Nashville

We specialize in all types of bats and wildlife removal and our service area includes Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Hendersonville, Gallatin, Murfreesboro, Springhill, Smyrna, LaVergne, and all of Middle Tennessee.

Learn More About Bats in Nashville and Tennessee

Bats are a federally protected species that are very beneficial to our ecosystem. The most common local species of bats in Middle Tennessee, little browns and big browns, eat thousands of mosquitoes each night, often consuming a large percentage of their body weight in insects.

Signs You Need All Paws Bat Removal Services

Although bats are beneficial to our outdoor environment, they become a health and safety hazard when they decide to take up residence inside the attic of your home.

Bats will search for gaps and openings along rooflines, at gable (peak) vents, dormers, or at places where rooflines join together. They are able to squeeze through very small openings, gaps often no larger than the diameter of a dime. Once this happens, you’ll need professional bat removal services from a trusted company like All Paws Wildlife Removal.

Our Nashville Bat Removal Services Protect Your Health

Once inside an attic or roofline area, bats will find a secluded place to roost. This is where they spend the daylight hours sleeping before venturing out at dusk to hunt for insects. As they are resting, bats will defecate and the guano piles beneath their roosting areas can become very substantial and emit quite a foul odor. This guano in a closed environment such as an attic can be hazardous to humans.

Bats are known for being a major vector (carrier) of the rabies virus. Additionally, according to the Centers for Disease Control, bats are capable of transmitting diseases such as histoplasmosis, lyssaviruses and coronaviruses.

Bats may also carry parasites such as bat bugs and mites which can infest the area in which bats are present.

Call All Paws for Bat Removal Services in Nashville

Bat removal and remediation requires a level of expertise, and techniques that may be unfamiliar to many pest control companies. If you suspect you have a bat issue, please call All Paws Wildlife Removal at (615) 319-0433.

Our licensed technicians will do a thorough inspection to locate bat entry-points. We will offer you a quote for removing the bats and guano, and sealing your home so that you will never have to worry about bat problems again.

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