Bird Removal in Greater Nashville

All Paws Wildlife specializes in bird removal services in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. If you are having issues with birds in your home, attic or crawl space then give All Paws Wildlife Removal a call at 615-319-0433 for safe and effective bird removal services.

Bird Removal Nashville

We specialize in all types of birds and wildlife removal and our service area includes Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee.

About Birds and Removal Services in Nashville

Capturing and removing birds is the first step. A very important part of the process is to make sure the problem isn’t repeated. That is the focus of our Nashville bird removal services.

We offer guaranteed repairs to prevent future animal problems. We will locate the bird entry-point and offer you a quote to repair the area so that you will never have to deal with the wildlife conflict again.

Starlings and English Sparrows (aka House Sparrows)
These birds are non-native species that often cause real headaches for homeowners and commercial building owners. Starlings and House Sparrows are “cavity nesters”, which means they build their nests in holes, gaps and openings in your structure. They are well known for entering bathroom and dryer exhaust vents. They raise their young in the pipe or hose that connects your dryer or bathroom fan to the exterior vent. These winged pests also search out construction gaps to enter your attic or soffit.

Starlings and Sparrows can have 2 – 4 broods per season, and each brood typically consists of 4-6 eggs. These birds are known carriers of diseases and parasites, including bird mites ( a flea like creature). Bird mites live off the blood of their host, which in this case are the adult and baby birds, and mites can number in the thousands if left unchecked.

At All Paws, we use special live traps designed to capture the problem Starlings and Sparrows. We then remove the nesting material, and apply a germicide to the affected areas. We also repair the entry-point by installing screening to prevent new birds from gaining access. All of our repairs include a (2) year warranty.

Also known as rock doves, can be very difficult to move from their nesting and loafing areas. Pigeons are notorious for the droppings they leave behind, which are a health/breathing hazard, and when coating walkways a liability hazard. According to recent US Dept. of Labor statistics, the cost of the average “slip and fall” lawsuit results in a $28,000 settlement. There is also the negative connotation that bird droppings and roosting pigeons will transmit to your business.

At All Paws we can remove the pigeons and the droppings, which in turn removes the negative image, the health hazards and the liability. We offer trapping programs, or we can install a physical barrier (such as netting or screening) to prevent pigeons from accessing a particular area. The netting we install is UV resistant industrial grade bird netting (in several different colors) or galvanized screening depending on situation.

Some of the Bird Prevention & Bird Removal Services We Offer:

  • When it comes to pigeons we’ve got you covered. We remove the pigeons and install bird netting, bird spikes and/or Bird Shock Track tm. to prevent future roosting of pigeons on commercial and residential buildings.
  • We install chimney caps. Stainless steel, custom sizes and copper available.

Schedule Bird Removal Services in Nashville

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