Snapping Turtle Removal in Greater Nashville

All Paws Wildlife specializes in snapping turtle removal and turtle trapping services in Nashville and middle Tennessee. If you are having issues with bats give All Paws Wildlife Removal a call at 615-319-0433 for safe and effective turtle removal services.

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We specialize in turtle trapping and removal and all types wildlife removal. Our service area includes Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, Hendersonville, Gallatin, Murfreesboro, Springhill, Smyrna, LaVergne, and all of Middle Tennessee.

Education on Snapping Turtles and Turtle Removal Services

Snapping turtles and several other species (Painted Turtles, Soft Shell Turtles) of turtles are commonly found in Tennessee’s ponds and lakes. These turtles serve an important role in our eco-system by limiting the over-population of other aquatic animals.

At times though, turtles themselves will over-populate a pond or lake and begin to create an unsuitable environment.
Snapping turtles have been known to prey on ducks and geese. They will also eat the fish that you may have gone to great lengths to introduce into your impoundment.

Turtles can also do extensive damage to banks and dams. At All Paws Wildlife we are familiar with turtle trapping and removal and the methods that will prove successful at quickly restoring balance to your pond or lake.

About Our Snapping Turtle Trapping Services in Nashville

Successful turtle removal requires specialized traps, equipment and methods, much different than the tactics for our more common land based nuisance animals.

We use the proper number of submersible baited traps, set strategically to solve your turtle problem as quickly as possible. Our licensed and insured technicians will then monitor the turtle traps to expedite the process, thereby minimizing turtle damage to your pond or lake, and it’s occupants.

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