Beaver Removal in Greater Nashville

All Paws Wildlife specializes in beaver trapping and beaver removal services in Nashville and Middle Tennessee. If you are having issues with beavers give All Paws Wildlife Removal a call at 615-319-0433 for safe and effective beaver removal services.

Beaver Removal Nashville

We specialize in beaver removal and wildlife removal and our service area includes Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Murfreesboro and Middle Tennessee.

Beaver Education for Nashville Residents

Beaver damage is relatively easy to identify, and once you identify it you can trust All Paws with your Nashville beaver removal services.

Gnawed and cut trees will usually give them away. Bark peelings and muddy slides leading to the water are common signs. Beaver won’t always build dams. Often in Tennessee they will live in bank dens along creeks and rivers. They have been known to reach weights of over 60-70 lbs .

Muskrats are similar in appearance to beaver except they are significantly smaller (10-16 inches), and their tails are thin compared to a beaver’s wide, flat tail. Muskrats live in bank dens or huts made of cattails and will eat vegetation, fish and small animals. Both beaver and muskrats can cause major erosion to dams and creek banks with their burrowing habits and the removal of beavers in the Nashville area is our specialty. Muskrats are very prolific breeders and have several litters per year.

Schedule Beaver Removal Services in Nashville

If you are having issues with beavers and need our beaver trapping or beaver removal services in Nashville call All Paws Wildlife Removal at (615) 319-0433 for an estimate.

Wildlife Removal In Greater Nashville